Kingston-upon-Thames children’s services were recognized with an “outstanding” verdict by the Ofstead inspectors. The social workers are commended for being professional and motivated all the time.

Kingston-upon-Thames children’s services are managed by  Achieving for Children (AfC), a collective organisation and were also rated “good” in 2015 after receiving a full inspection.

Rated as outstanding for its overall efficiency after a review from Ofsted was carried out in October 2019.

The provided support for children under the care of the care leavers, as well as the leadership portrayed in social care, have achieved a high rating from the inspectorate.

“Senior executives and elected members showed their commitment, and a comprehensive understanding of the culture, and conditions of families and children in Kingston,” said the inspectors in their report.

The investigative committee also commends the “highly qualified and driven” practitioners who are very passionate about their work in the field.

Stated in the Ofsted report, “They are guided by managers who have the enthusiasm to enhance the experiences of the children,”.

The organisation’s programs protecting children and supporting children in need of assistance have been graded as “good” too.

The inspectors encouraged early assistance and comprehensive evaluations of children and families. This involves offering family counseling and awareness of support levels among children’s professionals.

Included among the list of improvement proposals is the review of plans for children with disabilities. Although tests are revised every six months for children with disabilities, not all of them provide ‘ specific steps ‘ for meeting their needs.

Inspectors would also like to see a wide range of job opportunities through apprenticeships for care workers and vulnerable young people.

“This was accomplished by commitment, hard work, and dedication – from our professional and conscientious practitioners to our senior executives and partners”. “It makes me extremely happy and incredibly proud to recognize the progress we’ve accomplished and the quality of our services to the most disadvantaged children and youth in our community.” said AfC managing director Ian Dodds.

AfC also operates social care for children in Richmond, Windsor as well as Maidenhead.