Kingston Upon Thames was given a royal charter in 1208 and is home to the former residence of Henry VIII, the Hampton Court Palace. It is just 25 minutes away from London.

This royal borough attributes its place in history to its significant location and famous inhabitants. Saxon Kings were knighted here and Kingston has historic market squares.

So when you go to this historic river town of Kingston Upon Thames, below are seven things you shouldn’t skip …

1. Join the Historic Kingston Walk

Take a walk on a spectacular Kingston Walking tour on Sunday afternoon. Here you will learn Kingston’s history, check out where the iconic small dog who shaped the HMV logo is buried, and explore the stunning artwork created from life-size fall-over phone boxes.

Learn more about this ancient city’s history and its prominent residents.  The tours begin from the Ancient Market Place’s Church Gates. This cost £ 5 per person, no need to reserve.

The walks begin at 11 am every Sunday in Summer, April to the end of September. Also, every 11 am 1st Sunday in the month only, during the winter season, October to March. For more details please visit

2. Enjoy a river-trip

The river itself is an amazing feature of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Via a footpath stretching along the riverbanks, strolling along the edge of the water is a nice treat. Also, seeing the rowing teams sail through the numerous watercraft lining the banks is such a marvelous experience.

This section of the Thames is used by local rowing clubs throughout the year, from March till October. The tourist boats continue their summer schedule of leisurely trips from Kingston towards Hampton Court and Richmond.

3. Historic activities to explore

There are more than enough historical activities to explore in Kingston Upon Thames, including paying a visit to the Kingston Museum, sightseeing tours around the city, and the Market House, also with an art gallery.

Explore your roots and widen your horizons at a spot where the past and present of Kingston meet. With a wide variety of shows, conferences, and activities, as well as a couple of surprises.

4. Hunt for bargains

Kingston’s beautiful, vibrant shopping scene is an absolute highlight.

Kingston has vibrant 800-year-old markets that have been around the ancient All Saints Church since 1170 in the center of the city.

There is Bentall mall, with everything from High Street brands to designer labels, there are more than enough to keep shoppers busy for hours.

5. Explore the Food that Kingston Offers

You will be spoiled with plenty of places to eat out while in Kingston. There is something to match both budgets and tastes, from a decadent afternoon tea in the lovely, elegant Warren House to eccentric local and big-name restaurant chains.

You can go on a gastronomic tour of the world from Italian to Bavarian, Turkish to Nepalese without driving more than a few miles.

And there are plenty of enticing little bakery shops to satisfy your sugar craving, not to mention street food as well as plenty of local and chain cafes.

6. Enjoy a drink at the homely pubs in Kingston

Along with restaurants, there are plenty of great bars and pubs to choose from, several of which are featured in the Good Pub Guide. From friendly locals to elegant wine bars, your best bet is to tap into one of the riverside resorts.

Choose among Ram, King’s Tun and Druid’s Head, where Victorian novelist Jerome K Jerome sat down to write his famous novel, Three Men in a Boat.

Charles Dickens was known to also drank in the Wheatsheaf, at a market place pub

7. Catch a live show

Kingston is a venue for some great places of entertainment.

Catch a comedy show at Outside the Box or at Crack Comedy Club Kingston, or a live music act at the Rose Theatre.