The King of the Rock N’Roll, Elvis Presley.

Who doesn’t miss “The King”?

Even after his death, Elvis’ fame and legacy did not fade. His dance steps, songs, popped collars, and his charisma are unforgettable.

Elvis would have been 85 by now. The King may have gone away, but there are lots of people out there who are keen to take his place.

Do you want to be enchanted again by Elvis Presley’s beauty, charm, and humor?

Check out UK’s best Elvis tribute acts! These are fascinating people who can amazingly sing and act your favorite Elvis songs on all kinds of events.

JD King’s Elvis

Popularly named as JD King, Jim Devereaux is regarded as one of the biggest and most popular Elvis tribute acts in the world.

Many consider him as perhaps the best act in keeping Elvis Presley’s spirit and legacy alive. He already won numerous awards to prove this.

Since starting his career in 2002, he has been adopting the persona of “The King”. He is the first choice for many because of his incredible reenactment of Elvis.

Darren Rivers

Darren Rivers has been doing his special Elvis Tribute Act in the UK for more than 20 years. Darren is a great performer, a perfect choice for any event.

He emerged to be one of the UK’s leading Elvis impersonators. His talents have been shown at various venues and conferences, including birthday parties, weddings, hotel events and even at the cruise ships.

He is committed to deliver the best Elvis act. Darren is willing to travel to different locations, providing unique offerings, perfect for any event.

John Graceland

John Graceland has worked in private events, theatre, commercial ads, and TV shows for seven years as a professional Elvis tribute artist.

John lives in Glasgow and is willing to travel all over the United Kingdom and elsewhere as needed.

Gordon Hendricks

After he won the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Camp in 2017 and beating almost 100,000 people, the potential of Gordon Hendricks as a tribute artist became apparent.

He is widely requested as an Elvis Presley tribute artist and is always at work in the UK and internationally for excited fans. He has also received awards for his Elvis-related performances in Europe and Canada.

Gordon’s ability to sell out the venues should be more than enough evidence that he is capable of entertaining you as the King of rock and roll.

Paul Francis Thorpe

Paul was born with an impressive stage presence and has an experience of excellent performances dating back to 1993.

His tribute to Elvis has been pursued globally with a vast collection of Elvis’ songs and over 11,000 stage, theater, and TV appearances.

He has regularly performed at various four and five-star hotels in Spain namely Thomson, Reisen, and TUI.
Not just a public act, he also amuses several high-profile clients and other corporate events.

Andrew Memphis

The Elvis tribute act comes from Shropshire and has been sweeping millions of staunch Elvis Presley fans throughout the world.

Andrew Memphis usually performs in small concerts with his band, including special events, weddings, gatherings, and several clubs. He was popular enough to appear as’ The King’ on the BBC, ITV, and local radio stations.

JC Aron

JC Aron is considered one of the biggest Elvis acts in the UK. It’s because he captivates his viewers and revives ‘”The King’s” true spirit and feeling. The performances of JC is ideal for people of all ages and can be hired anywhere in the UK.

He has been working for eleven years now as an Elvis Tribute Artist and is not only an outstanding entertainer but also a true professional.

JC also features a wide costume collection, a show-stealer indeed.

Ben Portsmouth

Ben does not just act and sound like Elvis Presley, but he looks exactly like Elvis!

In 2012 the artist came to fame by winning the Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist in Memphis, USA.  He is the first Non-American to be honored with the much sought after title.

He makes waves internationally as an Elvis act. Letting him perform in any event promises an exciting experience that includes a full range of original Elvis Presley’s rock and roll.

Dave Bushell

Dave is perfect for new and old fans alike! He is superb in imitating the King of Rock and Roll. The talented singer is indeed the best choice whether on stage as an attraction or at any wedding reception.

He has over fifteen years of experience performing live in front of audiences. All of this he channels to create an Elvis worthy concert. The tributes to Elvis earned him thousands of fans.

Maurice Broadway

Maurice is known for attracting fans of Elvis enthusiasts who love to see ‘ The King’ perform live.

Over the years Maurice has given Elvis Presley several homages and is always armed with his own set of studio lights, American flags, smoke machines, and professional back recordings.

Fans around the world admire his singing for its strong resemblance to the true Elvis Presley. You’re compelled to become a fan when you hear him sing!

Mike A Grace

Mike is one of Britain’s most special Elvis tribute performers. Guests at his performances bear witness to Mike’s attention to detail, excellent sense of style and the like.

In reality, the King is brought back to life in all of Mike’s concerts.

Mike has appeared in many clubs and hotels all over the world and on private, bespoke-made gatherings including birthdays and other receptions.

His amazing Elvis impersonation is backed by his very own sound and light engineers.

Andy James

Andy is an award-winning musician who fascinates Brits with his live ‘Elvis in Concert’ performances. He is your guy if you want a great entertainer who will make you dance with your favorite Elvis song.

This five-star Elvis tribute artist is widely praised for his charisma and desire to leave his fans wanting more. Andy James’ fans are extremely enthusiastic about his concerts that replicate the popular Elvis Presley.

Why go all the way to Vegas when Andy can stage your private party with your favorite rock and roll songs here in the UK?

Elvis Shmelvis

Elvis is one of the greatest Elvis impersonators in the United Kingdom. On numerous times, he has performed before thousands of followers of Elvis, such as in Trafalgar Square.

Also, he has been featured in many music events such as The Milton Keynes Bowl, Bristol Balloon Fiesta and the Reading Park Jam.

This makes Elvis Shmelvis one of the greatest and makes him highly sought after by major companies as part of their corporate events. His remarkable Elvis voice is so impressive too.

He has won recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest physical bet in history.
Many of his outfits are also produced from the same tailors of Elvis in the United States.


DaniElviS is a London-born musician, one of Britain’s most famous Elvis performers. He has performed all over the United States, Europe, and Central America.

His charm and personality always excite his fans, representing the late King in a great way.

DaniElviS is a genuine entertainer, no dull moment when his voice, spirit, and looks are paired, bringing back to life the King of Rock and Roll.  He also has a wicked sense of humour, adding a special experience and liveliness to all his performances.

Elvin Priestley

Elvin is one of North West England’s most sought after Elvis tribute artists. His sound and personality are remarkably like ‘The King’ and you can almost imagine that he is Elvis indeed!

For several years, this incredible singer has paid tribute to Elvis. He loves to shake his hips and legs reminiscent of the ‘Heartbreak King’ song.

Rob Kingsley

Rob has won the first place in The Elvis European Championships, the largest competition for Elvis impersonation, making him very well known in entire Europe.

He has since been awarded the 2007 Best UK Vegas Elvis, the 2008 European Championship, and awarded as the Best Vegas Elvis in 2009 by the Disabled Fan Club. He’s already been a Runner Up at the 2007 European Cup.

Rob is a professional entertainer who has performed in many popular shows around the world and has been featured on a variety of radio and television shows.

Chris Field

Chris is a popular, talented Elvis impersonator from Ashford, Kent. He has been performing since 2005 all over the UK, particularly in London and the South East.

He started as Elvis in various nursing homes and took a leap of faith by joining the Elvis European Championships in 2007. Chris has since become one of the greatest Elvis tribute artists in and outside the United Kingdom.

Neil J. Duncan

There’s a lot of Elvis tributes around the UK but Neil J. Duncan is one of the few that will guarantee a perfect show for anyone, particularly if you have an Elvis Themed Night.

He is cool, and he has the unique Elvis moves, the voice, the eyes, and the charm.

Neil has received a great deal of recognition for his efforts to revive “The King” as seen by his many awards, including the “Best Elvis in the UK” and known as one of today’s finest Elvis Tribute Acts.

Martin Fox

Martin is one of the top Elvis impersonators in the UK and beyond. He has been performing since the 80s.

He has been featured as Elvis Presley in magazines, as well as on radio and television shows in Britain, USA, and Europe.

Martin also has the reputation of attracting the audience with his iconic Elvis appearance at concerts, parties, and events.

Paul Richie

Paul is an impersonator of Elvis in the UK, famous for being able to deliver Elvis Presley’s persona perfectly.

He executes the same attitude and passion that is known of “The King” whenever he performs. He is one of the top lookalikes of the great Elvis Presley plus his similar singing voice.

He is always capable of taking the stage alone or have an entire band for a full Vegas experience!

Ian Coulson

Ian is a great entertainer and an outstanding singer. His fans all over the world said that he sounded like The King, especially while singing along the famous Elvis ‘ classics such as “That’s all right mama” to “Rubberneckin”.

He has played at the Elvis theme bars, at concerts, cafes, private events, and weddings and uses special radio microphones to allow him to roam while performing.

He has the nicest set of Elvis clothing, from the 50’s jackets and tuxedos to the custom leather coats.

Gary Graceland

A longtime Elvis fan, Gary is well regarded in the field of impersonation.

Gary is happy in performing in smaller private events and places, as well as playing for a larger audience.

For Gary, it’s just about placing a smile on the faces of the people and keeping The King’s music alive.

Gary Roman

Gary has been known as an Elvis Tribute artist and expertly performs the famous Elvis songs to the delight of fans.

With a brilliant version of Elvis Presley’s American Trilogy, he would surely captivate the crowd, makes them screaming for more with his performance.

Gary Roman competed as one of the finalists in the Euro-Elvis competition, making him even more popular.
In all of his shows, Gary leaves no rock unturned in making sure he delivers an unforgettable Elvis party.

Shawn Klush

There are only a few in the business, such as Shawn, who have captured the famous swing dance movements of the King.

Shawn has indeed mastered his craft, from performing Jailhouse Rock to Heartbreak Hotel.

He has no inkling that he would slow down, he even won at the World Elvis Tribute Artist Competition as well as the People’s Choice Award for Best Elvis Concert.

Michael Glaysher

Michael always dominates the stage with authenticity and grace that reflects his youthful years. He is the fresh, energetic, passionate and adorable Elvis act you’ve been waiting for.

In 2014, he amazed hundreds of party-goers at the Strictly Elvis Festival and since then, his passion for the King’s Rock and Roll was turned into a profession.

He won the Best Elvis 2015, the Porthcawl Elvis award, and won the Best 50’s Elvis 2016 competition. All of this revealed his strong similarity to the King. His achievements are celebrated throughout the UK and internationally as his singing voice is closely similar to the King himself.

Robert Craig

As one of the greatest Elvis tribute acts in the UK, Robert is always in demand for hosting corporate or private events. Robert perfectly replicates Elvis’ 1950s hits and takes you through rock and roll.

Robert has a wealth of talent and years of experience in performing as Elvis. He can perform for big events, weddings, and hotel/ restaurant lounges. He even has his light and sound system. It all takes the burden away from you, ensuring a great show.

Craig Jefferson

At a young age, Elvis already had a huge influence on Craig. He began imitating every gesture and mimics the voice of the King. Craig then expressed strikingly similar mannerisms of Elvis Presley.

Craig began a career in singing in the Barry Island Holiday Park more than 20 years ago.

In 2007, he successfully competed in the European Ultimate Elvis Heats and appeared on BBC 1 for the death anniversary tribute of Elvis. He also won the Best Elvis Festival in Porthcawl in the same year.

Ray Wood

The performance of Ray as Elvis is as genuine as it happens; he has the Memphis megastar’s voice range and pitch.

He uses original costumes and complements his band with a dazzling light display along with a professional sound engineer.

Ray’s potential to vocally and visually mimic Elvis Presley’s skills, dance movements, charisma and engagement of the audience earn him strong popularity among Elvis’ fans.

Jay Ashton

The song selection of Jay is taken from Elvis’ studio albums. Jay can perform the rock’ n’ roll songs of Elvis from the mid-1950s. He has the same deep vocals while hitting the high notes.

Jay performed an Elvis’ act during the 2015 Elvis Spectacular event in Birmingham where he fascinated many die-hard Elvis fans.

He has performed as Elvis in many events in the United Kingdom, Europe and even beyond since then.

Steve Storm

Steve has performed solo for almost 20 years as an Elvis tribute artist and always gained traction among Elvis’ fans, delivering the same enthusiasm and intensity.

He is known in the UK as one of Elvis Presley’s best tribute acts. He pulls the early years ‘ heart-stoppers songs and the glorious Hollywood shows of Elvis before he throws fans into tears with his intense ballads.