Raise your hands if your house is an ever-evolving blend of all the stuff that you enjoy – as it ought to be. And as with new trends in fashion, each season we see emerging new trends in home decor that inspire us to redesign our homes – rather than completely change them.

1. Global Style

Pinterest has revealed its latest trends for 2020, showing that not only the exotic dominates our food tastes and travel bucket list, but also our houses.

From Indigenous landscape design to Indian influenced living rooms, as well as from French to Italian antique bathrooms, 2020 is mostly about getting to the heart of global design.

It is only inevitable that these trends are expressed in our interiors as we all venture more and are subjected to more fashion styles and ideas overseas.

2. Upcycled, Recycled Home Accessories

2020 will see a huge rise in people upcycling, restoring and customizing their home items. Sustainability and waste management are a major focus this year and this is one of the aspects in which it will be incorporated into the household.

Using your hands and doing something helps us to return to who we are. The touch, the senses interact along with the need for success, allows us to focus fully on a specific task. The outcomes are gratifying, while somewhat enlivened.

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3. Structured Simplicity

This stripped-down style look originates from the 2019 Nordic Retreat trend. The aim is to create a tranquil, comfortable, laid backspace to relax in. It’s all about keeping our dwellings a safe place to relax and recharge.

Swap for gentle and neutral and light, and go for trimmed down bits and thoughtful selections. This dimension of more considerate home choices stems from the phenomenon of sustainability awareness.

4. Arches

You only need to spend five minutes flipping through photos on Instagram to check that arches are having a moment in the spotlight of form, curving softly across some of the hottest new restaurants and hotels.

5. Homely Comfort

Bundle up cozy cushions, blankets, quilts, and faux furs to immediately make every space feel welcoming. That approach will get you through the winter and still bright enough to see your home primed for spring.

Soothing textures, natural colors and decorative detailing are important for this season’s textiles and bedding.

Think washed linens and tactile weaves of quilted throws and bedspreads, and thick woolen covers with decorative fringes, tassels, and trims.

6. Grandmillennial Style

2020 is also seeing an increase in the ‘ Grandmillennial ‘ style of taking granny chic back to our homes.

Grandmillennial style is basically about the coexistence of contemporary-day design with retro components. In addition to second-hand classic pieces and recycled furniture, it is about integrating hand-me-downs and passed down pieces and make them look at home in a modern interior.

In the last year alone we saw more foxed mirrors, tassels, and fringes – including the return of customized lamps – more exotic flower designs, more scalloped chairs and modern pieces from the middle of the century.

7. Dark Kitchen Designs

Recent trends in dark kitchen cabinetry and Scandi noir may explain the fact that in the past six months, searches for dark navy and navy blue kitchens have increased 93 percent, with matte and powdery finishing.

Whether on walls, floors, cabinets or splashbacks, blue has replaced gray as the go-to color.

8. Living Walls

The trend has continued to expand toward lush green and leafy living walls. We’ve seen trendy versions sprouting through hotels, pubs, and retail spaces and we’re also seeing them now in sleek, modern homes.

Adored by environmentally friendly-fingered urbanites, they are a brilliant use of space and ideal for compact gardens, patios, roof terraces, courtyards, and verandas.