Regardless of many current developments, people are still starting with the same goals when it comes to kitchen design: they want an accessible and relaxing workspace that looks beautiful and is great to cook in. What may have changed greatly is the amount of technology we now have at our disposal, and will tend to continually do so.

Whether you choose to update the current kitchen layout or recreate a boring kitchen cabinet color scheme, each functional kitchen incorporates multiple architectural features, cabinets, workstations, appliances, tiles, etc. But what is the latest trend in the kitchen design industry?

1. Smart storage

Storage plays a crucial role particularly in kitchens where we do so many things;  making meals, and storing food and cooking equipment. Well-placed, covered storage would be a great pleasure to our kitchens’ aesthetics.

The kitchen walls can be used to highlight the crockery and tools and also as the ultimate storage solution. This realistic and stylish approach enables you to integrate a personal and artistic touch into your kitchen area.

2. Green cabinetry and accessories

Green kitchen cabinets are expected to be the modern, main trendy design for 2020.

Green can be both bold and glamorous if used in the kitchen. Bold forest greens are not only the go-to traditional kitchen tone, but light greens and earthy mid greens are common for a contemporary style too.

3. Living room furnishings

Open plan kitchen design is on the rise. In fact, the social aspect of the kitchen will increase significantly by sharing of furniture with other rooms. The kitchen, living room and dining area merged into one space and the family could spend much more time together through having this big, open room.

With this year’s increasing popularity of open-plan living, it is no wonder to see that living room furnishing in our kitchens is gaining popularity.

4. Concealed appliances

While innovation and new technologies are evident in our kitchens in 2020, we don’t need to necessarily see them.

Searches for built-in kitchen appliances have seen a 160 percent increase with a reference to usability and practicality, showing a need for appliances that suit our lifestyles, are easy to manage and require minimal maintenance.

Covering up such appliances can come in the form of a simple cabinet to conceal a refrigerator or a dishwasher. Or a space layout that reduces small devices on the countertop. A concealed station will be surely famous in 2020, which prevents the kettle and toaster from swamping the worktop and this allows in creating a dedicated place to sit and relax while having breakfast.

5. Statement taps

Without them, no kitchen is fully functional, so it is high time we let them shine!

One convinced way to bring wow factor to your kitchen is having a statement tap. The importance of the latest feature taps keeps growing. Brass taps with industrial-look and odd handles as well as unique features are an excellent way of complementing the room.

6. Dining islands

With the switch to larger kitchens, the kitchen dining island is becoming an inherent feature of the kitchen in open-plan spaces.

It’s where the kitchen island has an extension island dining area which ensures you get storage benefits and also the advantage of an expanded dining area.

Dining islands guarantee that families can eat while spending time in one room together. This is a practical option to use your kitchen regularly.

7. Vibrant accents

Colour schemes are sometimes a hard decision to make, at a period when open kitchen areas are gradually integrating with the living area, and as the kitchen has to complement with the rest of your interior design.

Others follow a more lighthearted style in 2020 by adding predominant colors and eccentric finds. A tiled splashback and quirkily designed chairs in different colors add interest while bright colored walls anchor the look.

The number of homeowners is now opting for a vibrant and glamorous kitchen, a major move away from the boring gray and white kitchens.

8. Dark Drama

The black painted walls, cabinetry, and worktops are often overlooked as simply an accent.

Search results for’ oak’ and’ black’ interiors are featured for the very first time in its recent list, and searches for’ black kitchen’ have risen by 46 percent. Black is livable, welcoming and comfortable, with contoured woods contributing to the rustic, homely appeal. Additionally, midnight blue has been an ongoing trend lately, it is a more subtle and a dramatic color choice when it comes to kitchens.