Londoners who need high-speed internet to access Netflix might want to think about moving to Kingston upon Thames after the town is said to have the fastest speed download in the entire London.

In the latest BroadbandChoices survey, the South-west region of London has been recognized and awarded a top spot after it has been reported that the Internet operates with an average of 61.6 megabits per second.

Richmond followed Kingston closely, reaching an average of 61.4Mbps, whilst Sutton came in third with 59.8Mbps. Interestingly, the City of London is reported having the slowest download speed of all – with a meager 15.1Mbps.

Westminster (23.7 Mbps) and Tower Hamlets (26.9 Mbps) were among the slow areas based on the Internet speed.

“While many UK councils aim to enhance Internet access for their residents, few have achieved their targets, Vix Leyton, a specialist at BroadbandChoices said.

“It is shocking that the City of London differs in the suburbs and they have one of the slowest broadband speeds.

He added that slow broadband can hurt businesses.

The report claimed that only seven UK councils had met their goals for high-speed broadband, indicating that some councils struggled to prioritize the super fast broadband.

Remarkably, 122 councils have data on proposals for expanding the coverage of broadband on their websites, but information about the Internet reach and capacity is not available.

BroadbandChoices study found ambiguous claims which cannot be quantified and no specific deadline for completion of work is indicated.

Do Your Part

Meanwhile, several factors may affect the frequency of a broadband wireless signal we need to be aware of. These are the walls, doors and even interference from baby monitors and other electronic gadgets.

For instance, it can help to move the router and place it up on a bookshelf. It might also be worth considering investing in a power supply adapter that uses electric power lines to improve the signal.

If everything else fails, it is recommended to turn to another Internet provider.