Sports are Beneficial to the Disabled

Sports can provide effective and long-term benefits for disabled people who frequently encounter deterioration of health, low social skills, and self-esteem.

Sports offer an opportunity for improvements in physical health including strong muscles, improved cardiovascular conditions, and reflexes.

It also leads people with disabilities to build up vital skills in life. Involvement in sports teaches collaboration, teamwork, and handling losses.

Being active in sports helps develop better self-esteem and a positive sense of value in both emotional and psychological aspects alleviating depression and anxiety. Sports will enrich the wellbeing of people with disabilities.

Find a Suitable Sport for the Disabled

A variety of modifications are present to allow disabled people to play a wide range of sports in Kingston. Start checking on the list of activities on Kingston local offer website.

There are programs for children with disabilities and young people up to 18 years. Sports option is based on the physical limitations of the participants.

People with disabilities can realistically participate and excel on track and field, basketball, tennis, swimming, archery and a whole lot more.

Sports club directory

Check also our web directory for sports clubs. It contains information about local sports clubs and societies, including disability groups.

Special Olympics Surrey

Special Olympics grants a lifetime of sports training and learning to make a difference to people with intellectual disabilities.

They aim to develop the athletes for proper fitness, discipline, confidence, and commitment. In Kingston, they offer training for athletics, boccia, golf, kayaking, tennis, and ten pin bowling.

Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club

The Surbiton Racket and the Fitness Club offer weekly tennis courses for children and adults with learning disabilities. They also offer tennis for persons with Down Syndrome, assisted by licensed and trained tennis coaches.

Weir Archery Academy

The Weir Archer Academy offers support and expertise to athletes with disabilities along with the coaches across all levels in Kingston and around the UK.

They help people with disabilities be involved in various sporting activities.

Join Team Kingston for the London Youth Games

The Balfour Beatty London Youth Games is also open to young people with disabilities throughout London. The qualifying age is 11 to 18 years old for a wide range of sports.